How do I enroll?
If you currently receive our email updates and/or have purchased from any of our collection of wineries in the past, you have automatically been enrolled in the program. If not, you can join by simply signing up for our email list or wine club.
How do I earn points?
With every dollar you spend at the winery - in person, online or by phone - you will earn 3 reward points. Points are earned on purchases of wine, merchandise and experiences (excluding tax and shipping) at any of Boissetís collection of wineries. Additionally, you can earn bonus points by joining a Wine Club or Email List and through special offers.
What can I redeem my points for?
There are 2 ways to redeem reward points: (1) Through a unique experience defined in the various reward levels or (2) through the annual virtual auction where points are bid for a chance to win exclusive merchandise and experiences, only available through this auction.
How do I redeem points?
To redeem points for any of the Level Rewards, please contact the winery by phone 707.963.6942 or email at customerservice@raymondvineyards.com. Awards are scheduled based on availability so it is recommended that you submit your request with as much notice as possible.
Can I redeem my points through another wineries reward program?
Yes, rewards can be redeemed through any of Boissetís collection of wineries: Buena Vista Winery, DeLoach Vineyards, Raymond Vineyards or JCB.
Can I give a reward as a gift?
Yes! Reward experiences can be gifted (though, points cannot).
Do points expire?
No. Points can be redeemed at any time.
Where can I view my point balance?
You can view your point balance by logging into your account through www.raymondvineyards.com/rewards. Alternatively, you may request your balance at any time by contacting the winery by phone 707.963.6942 or email at rewards@raymondvineyards.com.